Inside Arena

Airsoft inside arena in Tallinn

Inside arena – good opportunity to play airsoft in Estonia in winter time and rainy weather. offers the opportunity to play airsoft indoors on Ülemiste arena. We have 1000m2 indoor airsoft arena with a party room. The party room can seat up to 16 persons comfortably at the table. Up to 24 persons can play on the track at a time.

Check out our Facebook or partners NAC page for information about the public games.

Party room and waiting areas on the playground are warm during the heating season. Gaming area is unheated, but because the game is quite fast, adrenaline rich and physical, there is no reason to be afraid that it will be cold on the arena.

When going to battle, we recommend wearing long-sleeved and high-collar garments. It would be good if the hoodie had a hood. It is not advisable to wear clothes that hold your body very tight (tight jeans or dresses).

1 hour on arena:

With equipment – 12 €/person
Own equipment – 8 €/person**

2 hours on arena:

With equipment – 20 €/person
Own equipment – 12 €/person**

Kids birthday offer:

Ment for kids 12-17 years
Event lasting 2,5 h
Starting times 11.00, 14.15 or 17.30
16 persons can play on the arena at a time
The party room can seat 16 people comfortably at a time

Mo-Th 180 €*
Fr-Su 200 €*

* Rates apply if one of the participants has a birthday 5 days before or after the event. Only for birtdays under age 18.
** There is a limit of 1 J on your gun.
Exceptions only by separate agreement.

For more information please call +372 5649 5555. Please send your reservations to email rental equipment:

  • Face mask
  • Helmet
  • Gloves
  • Scarf
  • Vest
  • Gun