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The Wolverine STORM OnTank is the first regulator designed specifically for airsoft. Despite its It’s extremely low-profile and compact design, it still boast ultra-fast recharge rate at both high and low pressure. The STORM regulator is the perfect companion to our EVO HPA models as well as most of all other HPA airsoft guns.

It is bundled with an original ‘Wolverine Airline’ and ‘zip-tie tournament lock sleve’ for field gaming.


•                          Max input pressure 950 Psi

•                          Output Pressure Range: 40-140 Psi

•                          Compatible with SLP and HPA tanks

•                          Not rated for use with CO2 tanks

•                          Universal gun compatibility

•                          Sleeve style tournament lock

•                          US style QD connectors

•                          Airline length: 90cm.

•                          Recommended for any HPA gun – perfect for EVO HPA