What is airsoft?

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft is an exciting, pulse-pounding game of military re-enactment that enables you to experience the heightened thrill of real-life combat – without having to risk your life! Whether as an individual soldier or part of a team, an unlimited variety of authentic battle scenarios can be executed within the Airsoft facility or out in the field. Lead or follow your commander! Lone-wolf or squad!

Reality is the ultimate goal, and Arisoft gear makes the difference. The signature charm of an Airsoft weapon is its meticulous attention to detail, exactly replicating the look-and-feel of actual military firearms. But the “real-life” experience doesn’t end there –  functionality is key, precisely mimicking the features of a real weapon, such as options for single-shot fire or burst, and having to change the magazine. This adds a great deal of reality and excitement to the game.
While Airsoft is primarily enjoyed as a hobby, many countries also use it for the tactical training of police and military forces.
Airsoft weapons shoot 6mm compressed-air bullets. Unlike paintballs, these bullets don’t leave marks.

Airsoft features many different game scenarios, including popular game-types such as “Siege,” “Convoying” and “Capture-the-Flag.” Extended scenarios comprising a number of inter-related, shorter missions can be very strategic and complex, offering much more mental commitment than simple “run-and-gun” gameplay. Even people who don’t want to be involved on the field can have a memorable experience. If they so choose, players can also enjoy the game without ever firing a shot – role-playing as a behind-the-line General or Commander.

The game is limited only by the will and imagination of the players and organizers, and the physical limitations of the environment. Aside from the obvious attention to safety, the only hard-fast rule is the “first-hit rule,” which means that every direct hit (except obvious ricochet) eliminates the player. There is no need to be afraid of getting hit by a bullet, however. Being eliminated from a match doesn’t mean you will be sitting on the bench ’till the end of the day. “Resurrection” rules ensure you will be kept in the game. In the case of long-scenario play, a player can usually return to the game within 10-20 minutes after “death.”  Shorter scenarios may require an eliminated player to wait until the end of the mission. So keep that head down!